16 Common Clinical Conditions in Layman’s Terms

Eileen Pangu
4 min readJun 16, 2022

The common diagnoses you’ll hear in healthcare data analysis.

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One canonical task in healthcare data analysis is to predict the diagnoses. If hospitals can predict it earlier, nurses and physicians can intervene preventatively to obviate the onset or deterioration of those diseases. We’ll look at a few common clinical conditions in this blog post to bootstrap ourselves with the medical concepts required in healthcare data analysis projects.

Note that this is a sister blog post to the 10 Significant Clinical Data Variables in Layman’s Terms.

1. Acute Renal Failure

Acute renal failure, aka acute kidney failure, aka acute kidney injury, occurs when the patient’s kidneys suddenly become unable to filter water products, which causes the waste level to build up in the body. It may be caused by impaired blood flow to the kidneys, damaged kidneys, or urine blockage in the kidneys. Acute renal failure can be fatal, but may be reversible. It requires intensive treatment.

2. Acute Cerebrovascular Disease

Acute cerebrovascular (blood vessels in the brain) disease is a category of diseases that pertain to the blood vessels in the brain. It could be blockage, clot formation, bleeding, or any other problems that affect the blood flow in the brain…



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